DART Launch Calendar

Sunday 03/19/2017 0800-1200
Sunday 03/26/2017 0800-1200
Sunday 5/14/2017 0800-1200
Sunday 8/6/2017 0800-1200
Saturday 8/19/2017 0800-1200
Sunday 9/10/2017 0800-1200
Saturday 9/30/2017 0800-1200
Saturday 10/14/2017 0800-1200
Saturday 11/18/2017 0800-1200
Sunday 12/10/2017 0800-1200
Saturday 12/30/2017 0800-1200
Sunday 1/14/2018 0800-1200
Saturday 1/27/2018 0800-1200
Sunday 2/11/2018 0800-1200
Saturday 2/24/2018 0800-1200
Sunday 2/25/2018 0800-1200

* Thursday launches will only occur if requested in advance.
After April, Thursday launches will not be listed in the schedule. If you need a
Thursday Launch, you must contact Chris Flanigan at least two (2) weeks in advance.

As instructed in the FAA letter of May 29th, 2009, David Cook will
send an email notification to the Lindbergh staff contacts, and the Dart Officers,
72 hours prior to each launch date.
He will confirm via phone if a "read" email confirmation is not received
24 hours prior to each launch.

There may be additional launch dates added in the coming months for
scout and school groups. As Chris is made aware of the dates
they will be submitted for posting to the site.

The Permit center has made efforts to have all model rocketry queries directed to DART to
help ensure that there are no unauthorized launches from Fiesta Island.


Please click HERE for the Holtville Launch Calendar

* These launch dates may be cancelled if the temperatures are too hot.

TRASD has a new launch site in Holtville
Please click on the Launch Sites button